TPS 320i Compact PULSE


  • Touch Screen operation
  • In-built wire feeding unit.
  • For manual MIG/MAG applications
  • Output of up to 320 A
  • Modular system design, available with gas-cooled or water-cooled torches
  • PullMIG torches up to 10m available for soft Aluminium wires

With the new compact versions, all the advantages of the TPS/i range are packed into an even more compact design. With their compact dimensions and built-in wirefeeder, they provide a space-saving, portable and yet extremely powerful alternative, for construction sites and workshops in particular. With their broad range of applications, they are also the ideal partners for carrying out repair work and maintenance tasks. The TPS 320i Compact systems are equipped with the Pulse process as standard. All other TPS/i processes, such as Standard or the advanced processes LSC, PMC, or CMT are available as options.


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