TransTig 1750Puls

TransTig 1750Puls

First the TransTig 1600/1700; now introducing the fully digitally-controlled TransTig 1750 Puls.

  • 170 A at 8,9 kg
  • 15amp, 230 V connection
  • Welds low-alloy and high-alloy steels and non-ferrous metals
  • NEW Features: TIG Puls, TIG Spot Welding, TAC Function

The small, lightweight TransTig 1600/1700 TIG welding plants have always been a firm favourite for demanding applications on construction sites and for assembly work. When a combination of portability and perfect weld properties is critical, TransTig is the ideal choice.

Small, lightweight, robust – three words that have defined the TransTig series right from the start. Representing the next logical step is the NEW, now fully digitally-controlled, gas-cooled TransTig 1750 Puls power source.

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