Starlight Oxy-Fuel Handle

Starlight Oxy-Fuel Handle

The STARLIGHT Handle 1302 continues the tradition of Messer handles with the quality and reliability which is synonymous with Messer. STARLIGHT 1302 is a proven design incorporating the latest technical features necessary to meet the ever-changing applications and requirements of multi purpose handles for welding, brazing, flame cutting and heating. Its ergonomic and modern functional design permits steady, effortless control by hand and its low and balanced weight enables the operator positive and comfortable working conditions for continuous operations.

The STARLIGHT 1302 is designed for general workshop welding up to 14 mm / 1/2 inches and cutting up to 200 mm / 8 inches.

Wide range of welding / heating tips and cutting attachment available to suit.

NZ standard 5/8 UNF inlet connections