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MiniTherm Oxy/Fuel Torch

MiniTherm Oxy/Fuel Torch

The featherweight welding & heating torch

A large number of torch inserts with the most different flame characteristics and flame powers offer a universal, well rounded, broad spectrum of applications from the micro flame which is hardly visible to the naked eye right up to powerful welding flames.

In contrast to conventional hand gas torches, the drastically lower weight of the handle and inserts allows fatigue-free continuous work over long periods. This is especially important in pipe-line work, in production of jewellery, dental laboratories and fine engineering as well as in mass production of hand welded, hand brazed or heated components. Welding, brazing and heating in difficult positions and hard to reach locations can usually be carried out with adequate freedom of movement and control to give high quality results due to the small size of the handle and the various inserts.