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Ultimium N112

Ultimium N112

Tungsten carbide AC-DC MMA electrode for super hard protective wear coatings.

The electrode consists of three concentric sections: a solid tungsten carbide inner core; a highly conductive alloy sheath; and an outer “Frigid Arc” coating that contains chromium and vanadium.

As a result of this the advanced alloy system, N112 weld protective coatings represents in uniform hardness and abrasion-resistance. It deposits an overlay of homogeneous tungsten carbide, reinforced by the addition of secondary carbide-forming elements in the coating. Weld metal transfer characteristics are smooth giving the welder exceptional control of the deposit. Not only is the hardness exceptionally high but it is also uniform as well. Absence of uneven aggregates of carbide particles permits grinding to a mirror finish, resulting in deposits with an exceptionally low coefficient of friction.