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Avesta 316L/SKR

Avesta 316L/SKR Electrodes

High-alloyed, austenitic stainless steel electrode

Avesta 316L/SKR is a low carbon core wire alloyed Cr-Ni-Mo electrode for welding of 1.4436/ASTM 316 type stainless steels.
The core wire alloyed concept ensures constant corrosion properties.
Excellent resistance to general, pitting and intergranular corrosion in chloride containing environments. Intended for severe conditions, e.g. in dilute hot acids.

  • Spec: AWS: A5.4 E316L-17
  • Electrode Diameter: 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm
  • Approvals: TÜV (1073.), DB(30.014.18), DNV GL
  • Pack Size: 4.1kg

Böhler Ti 52 T-FD – 71T1


Seamless Rutile type Flux-Cored wire, unalloyed,

Seamless rutile flux cored wire for single or multi-layer welding of Carbon, Carbon-Manganese steels and similar types of steels including fine grain steels with pure CO2 shielding gas.
Main features: excellent weldability in all positions especially vertical upward position, also with high parameters (300 A), very low spatter losses, fast freezing, easy to remove slag and smooth and bright bead. This wire is especially suitable for ship building where excellent performance and
welding speed are needed.

  • Spec: AWS: A5.36 E71T1-C1A2-CS1-H4
  • Wire Diameter: 1.2mm
  • Approvals: TÜV(12573), DB(42.014.45), GL(3YH5S), DNV(3YMS(H5)), ABS(3YSAH5), LR, BV(SA3YM), RINA(3YSH5), RS(3Y40MSH5), CE
  • Spool Size: D300 Plastic,15kg

Böhler SG 2 – 70S-6

Böhler SG 2 70S-6

General purpose solid Steel MIG welding wire

Copper-coated solid wire suited for universal application in boiler and vessel fabrication and in structural steel engineering. Largely spatter-free metal transfer both when using gas mixtures and carbon dioxide. Thanks to its high current carrying capacity this filler metal is also
optimally suited for welding thick-walled sheet and plate structures.

  • Spec: AWS: A5.18 ER70S-6
  • Wire Diameter: 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm
  • Approvals:TÜV (13009.), DB (42.236.01), CE, DNV GL (pending)
  • Spool Size: D300 Plastic, 5kg, 15kg
  • Packaging: Vacuum Sealed

Böhler 316LSi

Böhler AWS ER316LSi

Solid high-alloyed Stainless Steel MIG welding wire

GMAW solid wire designed for first class welding, good wetting and feeding characteristics as well as reliable corrosion resistance up to +400 °C

  • Spec: AWS: A5.9 ER316LSi
  • Wire Diameter: 1.0mm, 1.2mm
  • Approvals: TÜV (12937.), DB (43.132.39), CE
  • Spool Size: D300 Plastic, 15kg

Böhler Union AlSi5

Böhler Union AlSi5 – ER4043 MIG wire

Solid wires for GMAW welding of aluminium alloys. The weld metal is not suitable for anodizing for decorative purposes. Very fluid weld pool. Thicker plate materials and castings require preheating to 150 – 200 °C. Do not use for welding hardenable alloys is high stressed zones.

  • Spec: AWS: A5.10 ER4043
  • Wire Diameter: 1.2mm
  • Approvals: DB (61.132.02)
  • Spool Size: D300 wire basket, 7.0kg

Böhler Union AlMg5

Böhler Union AlMg5 – ER5356 MIG wire

Marine Grade Aluminium welding wire

Solid wire for AlMg alloys containing up to 5 % Mg. Seawater resistant weld metal. Good colour matching with base metal after anodizing. Thorough cleaning of the workpiece bevels is necessary. Thicker plate materials require preheating to 150 °C

  • Spec: AWS: A5.10 ER5356
  • Wire Diameter: 1.2mm
  • Approvals: TÜV (2197.), DB (61.132.01), GL, LR
  • Spool Size: D300 Plastic, 7.0kg

Böhler FOX S EV 47 – E7016

Böhler FOX S EV 47 – E7016 Electrodes

Basic coated low hydrogen electrode for high quality weld joints

Basic electrode for high-quality welds. Good weldability in all positions except vertical-down. Metal recovery about 110 %. Low hydrogen content (HD < 4ml / 100 g weld metal as per AWS) Weld metal is extremely ductile, crack resistant and ageing resistant, thus especially suited for rigid weldments with heavy seam cross sections.

  • Spec: AWS: A5.1 E7016H4R
  • Electrode size: 2.5mm, 3.25mm and 4.0mm
  • Approvals: DNV-GL, ABS
  • Pack Sizes: 5.0kg
  • Carton Size: 20kg

Böhler FOX S 6013

Bohler FOX S 6013 Electrodes

Rutile-cellulosic coated electrode with good weld ability in all positions including vertical-down.

For small welding machines, very good operating characteristics, flexible coating, good for tack welding. Versatile applications in structural welding, vehicle construction, boiler and tank welding and in shipbuilding, also suitable for galvanised components.

  • Spec: AWS: A5.1 E6013
  • Electrode size: 2.5mm, 3.2mm and 4.0mm
  • Pack Sizes: 1.0kg, 2.5kg, 5.0kg, 6.0kg
  • Carton Size: 20kg/24kg

Böhler FOX S EV 50-1 – E7018

Böhler FOX S EV 50-1 Low-Hydrogen Electrodes

Basic coated low hydrogen electrode for high quality weld joints

Basic covered electrode with very good welding characteristics including out of position work. Particularly good impact properties down to -50°C.Crack-free weld metal when welding high-carbon steels. Suitable for use in tank construction, boiler and pressure vessel manufacturer, apparatus engineering, vehicle manufacture, offshore applications and ship building.

  • Spec: AWS: A5.1 E7018-1H4R
  • Electrode size: 2.5mm, 3.2mm and 4.0mm
  • Approvals: DNV-GL, ABS, LR, BKI
  • Pack Size: 2.0kg Dry system vacuum packs
  • Carton Size: 12kg