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UTP 068HH – NiCrFe

UTP 068 HH

Basic-coated Nickel-Alloy stick electrode


Predominantly used for joining identical or similar heat-resistant Ni-base alloys, heat-resistant austenites, such as 2.4817 (LC NiCr15Fe), 1.4876 (X10 NiCrTiAl 32 20), 1.4941 (X8 CrNTi 18 10). Specially used for joining of high carbon containing25/35 CrNi cast steel to 1.4859 or 1.4876 for petrochemical installations with working temperatures up to 900° C.

Furthermore UTP 068 HH can be used for repair welding of hardly weldable steels such as heat-treatable steels or tool steels. Additionally mixed joints of austenitic and ferritic materials with elevated service temperatures can be welded.

The welding deposit of UTP 068 HH is hot-cracking-resistant, does not tend to embrittlement and is scale-resistant at high temperatures.


  • Spec: AWS A5.11, E NiCrFe-3 (mod.)
  • Rod diameter: 3.2mm, 4.0mm
  • Approvals: TÜV (No. 00230), KTA, ABS, GL, BV, DNV



UTP 32 – CuSn

UTP 32

Basic-coated tin-bronze stick electrode for copper and copper alloys


For joining and surfacing on copper tin alloys with 6 – 8 % Sn, copper-tin alloys and for weld claddings on cast iron materials and on steel.

UTP 32 is easily weldable, good slag removal. The corrosion-resistance is corresponding to identical or similar base metals. Good gliding properties.


  • Spec: AWS A5.6, E CuSn-C (mod.)
  • Rod diameter: 3.2mm



UTP 34 N – CuAl

UTP 34 N

Basic-coated complex aluminium-bronze stick electrode


UTP 34 N is suitable for joining and surfacing on copper-aluminium alloys, especially with high Mn-content as well as for claddings on cast iron materials and steel. Main application fields are in the shipbuilding (propeller, pumps, armatures) and in the chemical industry. The good friction coefficient permits claddings on shafts, bearings, stamps, drawing tools and all kind of gliding surface.
UTP 34 N has excellent welding properties, spatter-free welding, good slag removal. The weld deposit has high mechanical values, a good corrosion resistance in oxidizing media, best gliding properties and a very good machinability. Crack resistant and pore-free.


  • Spec: AWS A5.13, E CuMnNiAl (mod.)
  • Rod diameter: 3.2mm



UTP S Ledurit 61 – Hardfacing

UTP Ledurit 61

Rutile-basic coated hard-facing electrode


Suited for highly wear resistant claddings on parts subject to strong grinding abrasion combined with medium impact, such as conveyor screws, scraper blades, digging teeth, mixer wings, sand pumps. Also as a final layer on crusher jaws.

Welding properties: UTP LEDURIT 61 has excellent welding characteristics and a very easy slag removal. The homogeneous and finely rippled seam surface does, for most applications, not require any finishing by grinding.

Hardness of the pure weld deposit approx. 60 HRC

1 layer on steel with C = 0,15 % approx. 55 HRC

1 layer on high Mn-steel approx. 52 HRC


  • Spec: AWS A5.13, ~ E FeCr-A 1
  • Rod size: 3.2mm, 4.0mm

UTP S 63 – CrNiMn

UTP S 63

Rutile coated, hard-facing electrode

With the fully austenitic UTP 63, non-alloy structural and heat-treatable steels can be welded, also in combination with austenitic CrNi steels. Furthermore scale-resisting steels for operating temperatures up to 850° C as well as higher carbon materials and high manganese steel can be joined, also in combination with other steels, with UTP 63.

For surfacing on work pieces exposed to impact, pressure and rolling wear, such as curved rails, points, crusher and excavator teeth. Moreover it provides crack-proof buffer layers under hard alloys.

UTP 63 has good welding properties, stable arc, finely rippled bead appearance. The weld deposit resists to scaling, rust and cracks, work-hardened.

Hardness of the pure weld metal untreated: approx. 200 HB

Work-hardened: approx. 350 HB

  • Spec: AWS A5.4, E307-16
  • Rod Diameter: 3.2mm

UTP S 65-AP / E312-16


Rutile Austenitic-ferritic special electrode for dissimilar metals and problem steels.

Outstanding weldability, even at low amperage and with AC power. Stable arc, spatter free and excellent slag removal. The finely rippled seam has a homogeneous structure and crack–free seam.
Ideal for repair & build-up of dissimilar metals and problem steels, carbon steels, alloy steels & unknown steels such as gears, cams, shafts, hot cuts, hot trim plates and dies.
All-purpose application for hard manganese steels, tool steels, spring steels, high speed steels as well as dissimilar metal joints.
Machinable deposits.
Hardness of the pure weld deposit: Approx. 250 HB

Typical Applications: Joining of excavator Boom cracks, Tooth points, Lip plates, rotor shafts joining & Journal bearing area build up, Structure cracks, Die cracks

  • Spec: AWS A5.4, E312-16 (mod.)
  • Rod Diameter: 2.5mm, 3.2mm


UTP 690 – HSS

UTP 690

Rutile coated high efficiency High-Speed Steel stick electrode

Used for repair and production of cutting tools, particularly for building-up cutting edges and working surfaces. The deposit is highly resistant to friction, compression and impact, also at elevated temperatures up to 550° C. The production of new tools by welding on non-alloy and low-alloy base metals is also possible (cladding of cutting edges).

UTP 690 has excellent welding properties, a smooth, finely rippled bead appearance due to the spray arc and very easy slag removal. The weld deposit is equivalent to a high-speed steel with increased Mo-content.

Hardness of the pure weld metal: approx. 62 HRC
Soft annealed 800 – 840° C approx. 25 HRC
Hardened 1180 – 1240° C and tempered 2 x 550° C approx. 64 – 66 HRC

  • Spec: AWS 5.13, E Fe 5-B (mod.)
  • Rod Diameter: 2.5mm, 3.2mm
  • Approvals: DB (No. 62.138.01)

UTP 8 – Ni


Basic-coated high-nickel stick electrode for cast-iron

UTP 8 is for cold welding of grey and malleable cast iron, cast steel and for joining these base metals to steel, copper and copper alloys, especially for repair and maintenance. UTP 8 has excellent welding properties. The easily controllable flow permits spatter-free welding in all positions and with minimal amperage. The weld deposit and the transition zones are filable. No undercutting.

  • Spec: AWS 5.15 E Ni-Cl
  • Rod Diameter: 2.5mm, 3.2mm
  • Approvals: DB (No. 62.138.01)

UTP 83 FN – NiFe


Basic-coated Nickel-iron stick electrode for cast-iron

Suitable for surfacing and joining of all commercial cast iron grades, such as lamellar grey cast iron and nodular cast iron, malleable cast iron and for joining these materials to steel or cast steel. This stick electrode is particularly used where a high deposition rate is needed. UTP 83 FN has an excellent melting performance and the easily controllable transfer provides a spatter-free deposit of perfect appearance. The weld deposit is easily machinable with cutting tools, tough and crack-resistant.

Hardness of the pure weld metal: approx. 190 HB

  • Spec: AWS 5.15 E NiFe-Cl
  • Rod Diameter: 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm



Basic-coated hard-facing stick electrode

Universally applicable for cladding on parts of steel, cast steel and high Mn-steel, subject simultaneously to abrasion, impact and compression. Typical application fields are the earth moving and stone treatment industry, e.g. excavator teeth, bucket knives, crusher jaws and cones, mill hammers etc., but also for cutting edges on cold cutting tools.

Hardness of the pure weld deposit 56 –58 HRC

After soft–annealing 780 –820° C / oven approx. 25 HRC

After hardening 1000 –1050° C / oil approx. 60 HRC

1 layer on high Mn-steel approx. 22 HRC

2 layers on high Mn-steel approx. 40 HRC

UTP DUR 600 has excellent welding properties due to a quiet arc, an even flow and a good weld build-up, easy slag removal. Machining of the weld metal possible by grinding.

  • Spec: DIN 555 E Fe8
  • Rod Diameter: 3.2mm, 4.0mm