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Tungsten Electrodes

TIG Tungsten electrodes E3®

(developed by ABICOR BINZEL®)

Promote best practice for TIG welding – without radioactive doping.The advantages at a glance:

  • The welder is no longer exposed to radiation.
  • Reduced environmental impact. Remaining pieces and grinding dust are no longer treated as hazardous.
  • No special safeguards required

NEW ABICOR BINZEL E3® Electrodes with rare earth (mixed oxides).

In comparison to thoriated electrodes this electrode is less harmful to the environment and not radioactive. The electrodes offer excellent ignition characteristics and consistent welding properties. They are universal and suitable for all applications in the whole range of DC and AC welding for non-alloyed and high-alloyed steel, aluminium, titanium, nickel, copper and magnesium alloys.
Because of their great ignition properties they are also suitable for automated welding. Due to the low electrode temperature, they offer an increased current carrying capacity and longer service life than thoriated electrodes.
Colour-coding: E3® = purple


WLa 10 / 15 / 20 Lanthanated electrodes are suitable for applications in DC and AC welding.

Their main areas of application are the welding of non-alloyed and high-alloyed steel, aluminium, titanium, nickel, copper and magnesium alloys. These electrodes are also suitable for the use in micro-plasma welding. Ignition characteristics are enhanced with increased amounts of lanthanum oxide (La2O3). The overall service life and current carrying capacity is lower than the E3® electrodes.
Colour-coding: WLa 10 = black / WLa 15 = gold / WLa 20 = blue


WCe Ceriated 20 – By adding cerium oxide (CeO2)

these electrodes have an increased capacity compared to pure tungsten electrodes, however the WCe electrodes have a lower capacity than the E3® and WL electrodes. Main areas of application are in the DC and AC welding of non-alloyed and high-alloyed steel, aluminium, titanium, nickel, copper and magnesium alloys in the low and middle current range.
Colour-coding: WCe 20 = grey


WP Undoped electrodes – consist of pure tungsten.

The main area of application for this type of electrode is the AC welding of aluminium alloys with excellent arc stability. The WP-electrodes are not suitable for DC welding.
Colour-coding: WP = green


WZr 08 – Zirconiated Tungsten electrode.

With the addition of zirconium have a lower risk of contaminating the weld from deposits of tungsten. The main area of application for this electrode is AC welding. They are limited in their suitability for DC welding.
Colour-coding: WZr 08 = white



Binzel ABITIG Torches

ABITIG® GRIP – the complete solution in the field of TIG welding torches.

This range represents a logical development of the ABITIG® torch range, which has distinguished itself by its consistent implementation of modular design and optimum ergonomics.

The torches in various ratings, both air and liquid cooled, are fitted with a uniform ergonomic handle with “GRIP” and optimised cable assembly management, into which numerous switch and control functions can be integrated. All consumables are compatible to the international “SR-Standard”.

  • The flexible cable assemblies are available with modular and robust machine-side connections.
  • One ergonomic handle with “GRIP” for all ABITIG® GRIP torch types – offers high gripability and optimum feel
  • Modular switching and control functions integrated into the handle – individually and ergonomically
  • Short ball joint for optimum movement radius and ideal handling
  • Light and flexible cable assemblies with modular machine-side connections for most available TIG welding power sources
  • Consumables compatible to the international standard

Technical data (EN 60 974-7):

Type: ABITIG 9 / 9V
Cooling Air Liquid Air Air Liquid
Rating: DC
110 A 240 A 140 A 180 A 320 A
              AC 80 A 170 A 100 A 130 A 230 A
Duty Cyle (%): 35% 100% 35% 35% 100%
Tungsten Ø (mm): 0.5 – 1.6 0.5 – 3.2 0.5 – 2.4 0.5 – 4.0 0.5 – 4.0




SR17-SR18-SR26 Wear Parts

SR17-SR18-SR26 Wear Parts

Genuine Binzel TIG Spare parts

  • Collets
  • Collet Bodies
  • Gas Lenses
  • Ceramics
  • Back Caps
  • Cable Covers
  • Tungsten Electrodes