Stepping up the Standards

The built-in microprocessor on the TT 1750 Puls guarantees an extremely stable arc and consistent weld properties.

TransTig 1750Puls

Fronius have introduced a worthy successor to the Trans Tig 1600 and 1700 models, which have served as reliable work horses for many years throughout the world.

The new TransTig 1750 Puls  is small, weighing in at a little more than 9kg, and tough.

The fully digitally-controlled, gas-cooled TransTig 1750 Puls power source enhances its  portability, making it ideal for use on construction sites and for assembly work.

A built-in microprocessor guarantees an extremely stable arc and consistent weld properties.

The tacking programme 'TAC' achieves quick and easy tacking by pulsing arcs in a single step while the spot welding function can be used to accurately set welding intervals to one-tenth of a second, ensuring consistent spot welds.

The pulse mode function allows lower heat input during TIG welding with resultant better gap bridgeability and seam appearance.

The 1750 Puls is suitable for use up to 170 amp DC and the simple operating concept ensures that the power source is quick and easy to use.

Non-contact and gentle high frequency ignition prevents tungsten inclusions in sensitive applications.

None of the familiar options of the 1600 and 1700 models are lost.

The 1750 Puls also includes an up/down function for remote amperage adjustment on the torch handle, two step or four step options, a single phase grid connection and high input voltage range of 230 volt, plus or minus 20 percent.

The new unit can be purchased with a handheld or pedal remote control.

Compatible attachments with the Tig 1600 and 1700 models are found in handheld remote controls TR 1200, 1300, 1600 and 2000 and in the pedal remote with TR 2200 FM and TR 2200 F. Welding torches TTG 1600 and 2200 are also usable on the new TT 1750 with the option of standard Weldcraft screw-on ceramics and wear parts.

(Featured in the New Zealand Engineering News)